Akshita Bohra

A Feminist. An Expressionist. The Artist.

A Feminist

"If you stand for equalism, you stand for feminism" -Akshita Bohra on feminism.

 Akshita believes, everyone should get equal rights, and equal opportunities; she always try to bring out a world beyond inequality, injustice in her artworks. A world which is filled with hope, love, passion; the true beauty of life.

An Expressionist

 "I believe that every single one of my artworks, shall say a story, shall put out a message, shall have a heart, mind and a soul of itself; my art shall always be a source of expressionism."  -Akshita Bohra on her being an expressionist and choosing expressionism as her style.

She believes that there is always a deeper meaning, emotion and bundle of feelings in an artwork, and the artist who makes it.

An Artist

"My passion for fine arts is my power; it is my life"  -Akshita Bohra on her passion for fine arts.

Akshita bohra is the artist of "The Akshita Bohra Art Gallery" and the sole Proprietor of "The Akshita Bohra Art " firm. her new collections "Energy" and "Transparency" are soon to be launched on The Akshita Bohra Art Gallery and store.

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" Art is the strength and the beauty of life."


                                                     - Akshita Bohra

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