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Akshita Bohra


"I believe that every single one of my artworks, shall say a story, shall put out a message, shall have a heart, mind and a soul of itself; my art shall always be a source of expressionism.  -Akshita Bohra on her being an expressionist and choosing expressionism as her style"

I'm an artist, from India, an expressionist, and a strong believer of vegetarianism and feminism.

I believe that art is the beauty and  

strength of life.

I work with acylics, oils, water colours, poster colours, charcoal, pastels, pencils, and more.
At The Akshita Bohra Art, you will find My original paintings, also you will find my original photography prints and original painting prints.


ABOUT The Akshita Bohra Art Gallery


The Akshita Bohra Art Gallery

  The Akshita Bohra Art is a place of expressionism art. In this gallery you can buy painting, painting prints and photography prints, all of which are my original artworks. 

And I ship worldwide!

You will also get a special option to gift an artwork or artworks with a signed note from the artist it self, if you choose “Gift it!” While checking out. 



  As an artist I'm  an expressionist. My artworks are all about expressionism, and with that she adds more styles to my artworks.

In my art, with expressionism many a times I also added Realism, abstraction, Impressionism, and more in her artworks. 

My works are mostly focused on feelings, observations and perspectives.  


In Making!

  There is so much more to come!
So many more paintings in oils, water, acrylics and pastels and their prints!
With that more photography prints are on the way too!  

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